Antique Engagement Ring | Vintage Engagement Ring | Vintage Diamond Ring | Diamond Engagement Ring | Georgian Engagement Ring Georgian Ring

Antique Engagement Ring | Vintage Engagement Ring | Vintage Diamond Ring | Diamond Engagement Ring | Georgian Engagement Ring Georgian Ring
The rose cut is, in our opinion, amongst the most romantic of old diamond cuts, and in the Georgian era, it reigned supreme. The earliest rose cut dates probably to the 16th century, when new techniques of cutting and polishing allowed for the creation of the first fully faceted diamonds. Since then, it has been a never-ending quest to maximize the "brilliance" of diamonds through ever more complex mathematical cutting formulas. But the earliest faceted cuts, such as the rose cut, are a stunning contrast of rough and refined, honoring the irregular outlines of the original rough diamond crystal but unlocking its fire by covering its surface in smooth, polished facets. They seem to capture the mystery and wonder that diamonds still embodied in the Middle Ages in a way that was lost through the centuries. While modern cuts have maximized the fire of light refraction, they have sadly lost the more subtle and mystical glow from within. While the modern brilliant is a bold and blustery extrovert, the rose cut is quietly contemplative with sudden flashes of dazzling inspiration. We know which one we'd rather be. And we know which diamond cut we'd pick any day.

Antique Georgian diamond three-stone ring in gold and silver. A large and flashing rose cut diamond is held in a period closed-back, silver-topped pinched collet setting. It's a beautifully cut stone, and is clearly the showpiece of this otherwise simple ring. The split shank shoulders support an additional tiny rose cut diamond on each side, also ensconced in their closed-back, silver-topped pinched collet settings. The gold shank is simple, with only some tiny grooves flanking the side stones for definition. A lovely Georgian ring that remains a classic even after more than two hundred years! The center rose cut is estimated at approximately .56 to .60 carats, J color, I clarity, with a lovely "crystal clear" appearance to the naked eye. Due to the irregular nature of the side stones, it's not possible to estimate their weight. No hallmarks, but tests as 22K gold and silver. Circa 1800. This ring is in good vintage condition. It has received a light cleaning and polish by its previous owner. It's recommended to avoid getting Georgian rings wet, as Georgian era closed-back settings contain foil to heighten the brilliance of the stones, and getting them wet can damage the foil.

This ring is currently a US size 4 3/4-5, but can be resized by your local jeweler.

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